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Shaving Permit
Shaving Permits
It has become a tradition for all members of the Mendham Brush Association to cease shaving and remain unshaven until the conculusion of the Anniversary Celebrations.  To that end we ask that all male members of the community take up the vow grow facial hair in support of Mendham.  
Shaving Permits cost $2 and may be purchased at the 350th Anniversary Store or from any member of the Brothers of the Brush.

Shaving Permits from the 300th and 325th celebrations

Those who were caught clean shaven in 1967 were subject to a subpoena and fine! 

Photo and Description from Sharon Cutler from Mendon's 300th
I was married on April 15, 1967 at the height of the Tercentennial Celebration and my wedding reception was held at Lakeview Ballroom in Mendon. Since my stepfather, H. Rodney Dunbar, was one of the clean shaven residents of the town, he inadvertently left home without his shaving permit in his tuxedo pocket. With a drum roll from the enthusiastic band members, two of our guests, Thomas Guerra and Phil LaBastie, militia members of the Brothers of the Brush, asked for Dad’s permit and when he couldn’t produce it, they proceeded to hold a Kangaroo Court right at the reception to the delight of the 250 guests assembled for the celebration.
300th Celebration Shaving Permits History:

These chin whiskers from the beard of Elden Barrows, president of Mendham Brush Association were purchased at public auction by Lionel Leclaire on Feb. 10, 1967 after being extracted on Westborough common January 20 as ransom for the return of the Mendham Brush burial plaque earlier pilfered from the razor burial site in Mendon.

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